Our Edge: We have diversified backgrounds in many areas, "Jacks of all Trades" sums it up. We are available to come look at what you have and give advice on how to best handle your individual situation.  You can expect our experienced staff to make your sale run as smoothly as possible. Spotting the buyers, security of your goods, proper checkout procedures, clerking and cashiering.

Consignments: If only require a few articles to be sold, don't leave it sit there collecting dust, turn it into money! We will gladly include it in our next sale.

Unreserved: All our sales are "unreserved", which means everything will be sold to the highest bidder. Our buyers want that assurance when they come to our auctions.

General Appraisals - As a member of the Institute of Canadian Certified Auctioneers, Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group and the Auctioneers Association of Canada

Computerized and up-to-date: Auctions may have been around for a long time, but that doesn't mean we can't keep up with the times. Our auctions are fully computerized which means better tracking and faster processing. You have your money faster! 

We produce complete listings of all items, boxes, and lots consigned to us; every lot will be tagged, listed, and readied for the sale. When deemed necessary, catalogues can be produced.

Site Preparation: For On-Site Auctions, we can use our long standing expertise to prepare the site so that it is "Buyer Friendly".  By tidying and cleaning the site, categorizing and displaying items in particular ways, and ensuring proper facilities are available, your bidders will be ready to buy.

Advertising: We can arrange local or national-advertising campaigns that will draw prospective buyers to the sale.

Rates: Our competitive rates can start at 10% of the gross sale, these rates are adjusted depending on the numbers of services you require and the size and nature of the sale.

Settlement: We guarantee settlement of accounts within 7-10 working days after the sale. As soon as our books are done, your cheque is on its way! Money in the bank!

WOODY'S AUCTIONS LTD. is here to help in whatever capacity you determine you need, from simply calling your sale to conducting a full sale from set-up to closing.